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Founded in 1976 by owner Marcel Ouellette, Black Magik Chimney Sweeps Inc. has steadily grown into one of the foremost chimney cleaning and masonry service companies in Nova Scotia.

Although larger now, our company remains a family owned and operated business which takes pride in its hard earned reputation for service excellence, product quality and workmanship.

Our professional, certified staff share this uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction - the Magik Formula for success for more than 35 years!
In addition to our W.E.T.T. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certification, Black Magik Chimney Sweeps Inc. is also a member of numerous professional trade organizations including the National Chimney Sweep Guild®, Chimney Check™, and the Masonry Heater Association of North America. This ensures our staff stays up to date on the latest technological advancements and trends in our industry, and have the experience, equipment, and professional training to do your job right the first time.
The Ouellette Family - Marcel, Monique, Margaret, and Renee  
The chimney has been a part of family life since the early Romans first realized that it was better to live in a nice, fire-warmed home than in a chilly one. They needed a way to funnel off the smoke the fires caused. Centuries later, in medieval times, fireplaces were invented to heat individual rooms and provide a safe place for indoor cooking. They soon learned that fireplaces and their chimneys needed a cleaning as a house full of soot and fumes is unhealthy. And so, chimney sweeping developed into a necessary profession. People liked having the chimney sweep pay a visit as he brought clean, fresh air back to the home. Sweeps are associated with hearth and home, and thus domestic bliss. Chimney Sweeps became a sign of good health and prosperity.
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