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Black Magik Chimney Sweeps Inc. is Nova Scotia's premiere choice for chimney cleaning and masonry restoration. The following is a list of the various services we offer..

Anyone who has a working chimney has had to call a chimney sweep at one time or another. At Black Magik Chimney Sweeps Inc. we clean all types of residential and commercial chimneys, including those used by open fires, flues, heating systems, woodstoves and fireplaces. We mechanically remove items from the chimney, such as hazardous creosote, soot, debris or obstructions - ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your chimney.


It's no fun. If it doesn't burn the house down, it will probably scare you half to death. Here's how it happens.

Begin with one dirty chimney - let's say a fireplace not cleaned for a couple of years. The soot lining the chimney flue is saturated with flammable stuff called creosote. It doesn't take much to ignite creosote - a newspaper fire sending flames up to the damper is enough.

Once kindled, creosote burns with joyous abandon. In a matter of seconds the fire spreads up through the flue creating a draft that only helps things along. At this point your average chimney fire begins to roar and howl, sending the occupants of the house running for cover. If you run you'll be treated to a real fireworks show. As the creosote fire builds and intensifies the heat melts the mortar between the brick. The red-hot mortar actually drips into the flue, only to be caught up in the tremendous up-draft, and these little fire balls shoot out the chimney and onto the roof. If you're lucky, the chimney will fall apart, destroying one end of the building - ir you're not, this miniature volcano can bring the whole house down.

However, if you stand your ground, a chimney fire can be controlled. Throw rock salt on the floor of the fireplace, cover the opening with a wet blanket, call the fire department, and hope for the best. But it should be pointed out that having your chimney cleaned is a lot easier on the nerves than the rock salt and wet blanket method.

Keeping your chimney clean is the key step in preventing dangerous chimney fires. If you can't remember the last time your chimney was cleaned or if you burn wood frequently you might not know whether your chimney is clean or not.

The following tell-tale signs are indicative of a chimney that is in need of immediate cleaning:

Burned wood odors coming from the fireplace when it's not being used.

Poor burning fires or fires that pour smoke back into the room.

A black damper. Since it is positioned directly above the firebox, the damper is typically the easiest thing to see and reach. And it gets caked with creosote. Look or reach inside, and see what you can find. If you see black gunk or you can pull out chunks of the stuff, there's a dangerous amount of creosote built up inside.

How often you need to clean your chimney depends a great deal on how much you use it, the types of fires you build, and the kind of wood you use. As a rule of thumb though, it's a good idea to have chimneys cleaned and inspected at least once a year - usually before cold weather sets in. In fact, the Insurance Bureau of Canada mandates that chimneys be cleaned and inspected annually.

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